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Turmeric is a herbaceous plant from India whose scientific name is Curcuma longa. This plant contains various human benefits and can be used to prepare numerous dishes. Still, it is primarily used for natural medicinal effects since it contains curcuminoids. such as: curcumin, demethoxycurcumin and bisdemethoxycurcumin. We must also highlight that turmeric contains other compounds such as vitamin C, E, and K, iron, and zinc, which makes this species special.

Likewise, turmeric is a natural medicament used to alleviate different affections in humans such as stomachache, loss of appetite, liver disorders, inflammation, cardiovascular diseases, reduced allergies, depression, or reverse cognitive deterioration. In addition, turmeric is being used in treating cancer patients since it contains at least ten protective anticancer components against various types of cancer.

Nowadays, there are many presentations through which we can find turmeric or curcumin, such as extracts, tablets, capsules, and many more with which we can begin to use it and learn about its innumerable benefits. Still, we must also know that the absorption in the body of this plant is a bit hard, so it is recommended to take it together with olive oil and black pepper to achieve a more significant effect.

Even though turmeric contains properties that help calm ailments and treat certain chronic diseases in humans, scientists around the world continue to investigate how far this plant can help in the cure of cancerous diseases because research carried out in laboratories shows that curcumin inhibits carcinogenesis and the proliferation of tumor cells in animals. However, it is not confident whether curcumin has the same effect on people. Therefore, it is recommended that patients with cancer take this product much more often, especially if they are undergoing any cancer treatment.

Reference: Unlu, A., Nayir, E., Dogukan Kalenderoglu, M., Kirca, O., & Ozdogan, M. (2016). Curcumin (Turmeric) and cancer. Journal of B.U.ON. : official journal of the Balkan Union of Oncology, 21(5), 1050–1060.

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