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To improve immunity, we must consider it necessary to lead a healthy life by enhancing our eating habits. Exercising and eating well, with organic fresh food, avoiding preservatives and artificial sweeteners. Avoiding too much alcohol and not smoking are certainly factors.
The microbiome is a significant factor that influences the immune state of a person. The gut microbiome, the bacteria in the intestines, is influenced by our diet. A diverse microbiome with many types of bacteria is generally the most beneficial. This is associated with a high-fiber diet of at least 50 grams daily. You have to be cautious in not taking too many external probiotics that contain bacteria. Though adding certain types of bacteria may be beneficial in some cases, too much can lower the microbiome’s diversity.
After the diet, some vitamins and supplements may be beneficial. Vitamin D can bind to receptors on many cell types of the immune system, helping both the innate (non-specific) and adaptive (specific) immune response. It is also involved with antigen presentation, which is crucial to the anti-cancer immune response. Another nutrient is zinc, which is needed for the growth of immune cells. Selenium is another nutrient essential for regulating immune proteins, but you must be cautious as too much is probably harmful. Beta-glucan, turkey tail mushroom and modified citrus pectin are others to consider.
When it comes to cancer, there is a balance in the immune system,  The immune system both attacks and can protect and help cancer. The immune system has the job of attacking and protecting us from harmful foreign substances but also limiting us from attacking ourselves and developing autoimmune diseases. Cancer uses this protection against autoimmune disease in its favor to have the immune system protect and help it. Cancer is technically part of your body, and the immune system is supposed to protect your body. For this reason, we want to tip the immune system toward cancer-attacking, not cancer-defending. This is often where cancer immunotherapy drugs come into play, blocking or activating specific receptors to alert the immune system that cancer is an enemy, not our friend. There are rapid developments in this area as our knowledge of the immune system doubles almost every year. The cure has never been so close.
Reference: Giampapa, V. (2022). 9 Pro Tips to Strengthen Your Immune System.

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