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Cancer is an uncontrolled division of cells that have mutated and cause many problems in the body. In addition, these cancer cells have no control and spread throughout the body without any restriction, which is why they achieve to reproduce rapidly, causing metastasis.

Similarly, it is important to mention the metabolic endotoxemia, which causes several problems in the colon: the reproduction of cancer cells, for example. This is because cells known as intestinal bacteria dwell in the colon, which help in proper digestion in the body. There are cells that also help in the digestion of food that has not been digested by the body, this means that an unhealthy diet can cause the intestinal lining to leak, releasing metabolic endotoxins which act as inflammatory proteins that can lead to Colorectal cancer.

According to the aforementioned, studies supporting the fight against colorectal cancer have discovered a substance known as urolithin A, which is a product metabolite of pomegranate, which sustainably improves the function of immune cells in its fight against cancer.

Likewise, after research and treatment in colorectal cancer patients with urolithin A, more tumor-fighting immune cells have been detected, it has also been seen that this substance causes cytotoxic T cells to become stem cells with memory T that are supplied to the body with rejuvenated T cells and with energy.

Also, Treatment with urolithin A rejuvenates human T cells, also generates stem cells with memory T in the laboratory, all these findings have been found within the immune system, being the main defense against cancer.

Apart from this, pomegranate has been shown to have antiproliferative (prevents the reproduction of cancer cells) and pro-apoptosis (cell death caused by the same organism).

Unfortunately, people do not always react favorably to therapies due to the immune cells (T cells) are suppressed by the tissue surrounding the tumor, allowing the tumor to grow and spread, hence, this situation prevents these cells from accomplish their main function which is fighting cancerous tumors.

Urolithin A induces a biological that recycles and renews mitochondria, the cell’s “power plants” in T cells, through a process known as mitophagy. Aged and damaged mitochondria in T cells are removed and replaced with new, functional ones.

Additionally, Urolithin A limits tumor growth and even works simultaneously with existing immunotherapy. On the other hand, the benefits of urolithin A are also observed in human T cells since it produces a rejuvenation in them.

Without a doubt, foods rich in polyphenols such as pomegranate have the potential to reduce the levels of potentially harmful endotoxins in the blood that could help humans, especially those newly diagnosed with colorectal cancer and may help in the prevention or reduction of colorectal cancer.

Therefore, if you have been diagnosed with colorectal cancer, it would be very convenient to consume a greater amount of foods rich in polyphenols, such as pomegranates, blueberries, apples, vegetables, and red wine.

Reference: Christopher R. Cogle, 2022, 15th July, ¿Puede el consumo de extracto de granada ayudar a reducir el riesgo de cáncer colorrectal?, https://addon.life/es/2021/07/31/c%C3%A1ncer-colorrectal-de-granada/

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