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The basis of treatments aims to eradicate cancer cells, so we must fight to achieve the metabolic reprogramming of our body, new treatments are currently being developed based on nutritional strategies such as the keto or ketogenic. These diets are composed mainly of fatty acids, proteins, and carbohydrates. When the keto diet is used as an adjuvant in immunotherapy the results are much better than those that do not since this diet maximizes the therapeutic effectiveness in the treatment.

This is how the ketogenic or keto diet reduces oxidative stress, inflammation and cell signaling that occurs in response to insulin, so we must remember that the metabolism of cancer cells is altered, and this generates an increase in glucose in our body, for this reason we must understand that nutrition in immunotherapy treatment is very important and it is highly recommended to follow a ketogenic diet during treatment to further enhance the results.

The keto or ketogenic diet is characterized by the supply of high level of fat, an adequate protein requirement and the restriction of the flow of carbohydrates, which works as an adjuvant in the treatment and makes your organism react more easily and quickly to the treatment.

Due to the need to improve the health of our body progressively, dietitians and doctors have created treatments such as calorie restriction, already known for its aging and whose main objective is to reduce calorie intake, thus reducing glucose intake.

Caloric restriction directly affects numerous processes involved in the pathogenesis of cancer and there are several beneficial effects obtained on tumor regression, thus the keto diet is considered a positive alternative to improve cancer treatment and prognosis.

With the keto or ketogenic diet, we seek to reduce carbohydrates to also reduce the glucose levels and this works as fuel for cancer cells. With this diet the body gets into ketosis helping to deplete cancer cells of its energy supply, when this happens, the body becomes incredibly efficient and manages to convert all the fat into energy.

According to the aforementioned, it is necessary to take care of the diet during the immunotherapy treatment, including in fruits diets that do not have a high glycemic index, such as strawberries and blueberries, protein, vegetables, and fats. Also, including fiber, probiotics, and other recommendations given by your nutritional advisor; this to potentiate your treatment.

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