Williams Cancer Institute

Vanesa Ramirez

Vanessa Ramirez Ospina is a Business Administrator who graduated from Corporación Universitaria Empresarial Alexander Von Humboldt. Currently, she holds the position of Chief Marketing Officer at Williams Cancer Institute, where she is in charge of Marketing Strategy Development, Market Research, Marketing Material Development, Brand Management, Results Evaluation, Social Media Management, Positioning Development, Advertising Campaign Management, Digital Marketing and Marketing Budget Management.

She joined Williams Cancer Institute in 2022 and since then, her commitment to the fight against cancer has been noted. Her motivation lies in offering hope and innovative solutions to patients, thus contributing to a noble and vital cause for humanity.

Her philosophy in the fight against cancer is based on providing hope, compassion and excellence every step of the way. She is committed to transforming the cancer field by leading initiatives that promote prevention, early detection and equitable access to quality care.