Williams Cancer Institute

Julian Ramirez

Julian Ramirez Ospina is a Professional Business Administrator who graduated from the Alexander Von Humboldt University, he also obtained in his university development a diploma in Business Management and is currently pursuing a Masters in Management of Health Organizations in the Mexican University Unitec; additionally in his academic career he obtained the title of Accounting Assistant, systematized trade and awareness in customer service.

Julian’s commitment to patients and organization is evidenced throughout his career at Williams Cancer Institute since he joined in 2018, where he has worked in various areas of the company, such as Marketing, Sales, Logistics, Financial and Administrative areas until reaching the position of Chief Operating Officer. He is also known for his work experience in other healthcare companies related to stem cells such as The Regencell.

As Chief Operating Officer of Williams Cancer Institute, he plays a crucial role in the planning, control, supervision and execution of the institute’s day-to-day operations. His strategic leadership and management expertise are instrumental in ensuring that the institute operates efficiently and effectively in the provision of medical care to cancer patients.

Julian is deeply committed to the cause of cancer research and is looking forward to continuing to make a positive contribution to this important area of corporate medicine. His determination to keep up with the latest developments demonstrates his dedication to constantly improve in his role as Chief Operating Officer. Outside of work, Julian finds joy and balance in spending time with his wife and investing in his personal and professional growth through continuous learning and exploring new interests.