Williams Cancer Institute

Dr Jason Williams

Jason R. Williams is a medical doctor, board-certified radiologist, image-guided cancer specialist, researcher, and professor. He is one of the pioneers of immunotherapy, specializing in intra-tumoral interventions. He performed the world’s first ablation procedure and implemented an intra-tumoral injection of a specific combination of immunotherapy agents, thus leveraging the actual process of ablation as an immunotherapy agent itself. Since then, he has performed thousands of procedures many of them “first in human” in multiple areas of ablation and cryoablation therapies.

Dr. Williams is the Director of Interventional Oncology and Immunotherapy at the Williams Cancer Institute, where he has been advancing the use of intra-tumoral immunotherapy. He is also an adjunct professor at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, where he is helping to further cutting-edge research. In addition, he is actively involved in private research combining numerous different immunotherapy agents for image-guided intra-tumoral injection covering almost all cancer types. He and his wife, Stefanya Williams live between Fort Lauderdale and Mexico City. To learn more about Dr. Williams and his clinic, visit www.WilliamsCancerInstitute.com.

Dr Williams started doing ablation in the early 2000s in his university. Then the need of creating an institute started to become more evident, but the process was not easy. Williams Cancer Institute started in a difficult time because there was lack of approval, lack of insurance coverage and the hospitals were not receptive. In 2014, we started doing procedures mainly in the US. Our facilities were in florida, atlanta and lately in Southern California where we then decided to move to Mexico and eventually, to mexico City. Williams Cancer Institute was called Image Guided Cancer Specialist at that moment. It was at the same time when Dr. Williams was writing our book The Immunotherapy Revolution. It ultimately changed to Williams Cancer Institute and now we have 3 facilities in between Mexico and the US, having the best team ready to save cancer patients’ lives. We´re also looking to keep growing and we hope to get more facilities around the world, someday we want to achieve the dream of Dr. Williams to see cancer become a distant memory from the past.

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