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Of all the causes of death, cancer remains the second-leading in the entire world. Maintaining a healthy diet and active lifestyle is vital in fighting this disease. Regular screenings such as mammograms, pap smears, colonoscopies, and prostate exams are essential for early detection, and early detection can be critical to treatment success.

Immunotherapy vs Chemotherapy

When it comes to breaking down the differences between two cancer treatments and choosing which is best, the ultimate goal is to take into consideration the individual factors and circumstances each patient has. Each treatment will have its unique side effects and considerations. We’ve simplified a couple of differences amongst both chemotherapy and immunotherapy to […]

Interleukin 6 Blockade a “Win-Win” for Cancer Immunotherapy

IL-6 blockade with Tocilizumab Increases Response to Cancer Immunotherapy While Reducing Side-Effects Though we have suspected that blocking IL-6 with immune checkpoint blockade could be helpful in cancer treatment, a new study on May 9, 2022, from MD Anderson, Hailemichael, et al. published titled “Interleukin-6 blockade abrogates immunotherapy toxicity and promotes tumor immunity.” This sounds […]

Vitamin E Boost Response of Cancer Immunotherapy

A recent study published by Yuan et al. from MD Anderson Cancer Center showed that natural Vitamin E (DL-a-tocopherol) enhanced the response rates of cancer immunotherapy by reinvigorating dendritic cells. I am going to break down the overall key highlights of the study. One is that they reviewed the electronic health records of cancer patients […]

How and why optimizing your body’s immune

immune system

Many may be wondering how exactly the immune system and cancer are interrelated. It’s quite complex given that it has taken decades of countless scientific research in search of the cure. The goal is to break this cancer into its basic mechanisms to fully understand its totality and appreciate its processes. In general, the immune system works by fighting against any harmful substances such as bacteria, fungi, viruses, and cancer cells. Something important to note is that your own cells and immune system can and will betray you.

Pentoxifylline an FDA Approved

Pentoxifylline, sold under the brand name Trental is typically used for vascular disease to increase blood flow due to its effect in reducing blood viscosity.  However, there is a gene called c-Rel that is important to maintain the function of regulatory cells such as Tregs and MDSC.  As I have discussed, the immune system has two sides, one that is regulatory, which has been tricked by cancer to protect it.  There is the other side that can attack cancer.

Our goal is to tip the balance in favor of attacking cancer.   In a study published by Grinberg-Bleyer, et al in Cell, Sept 7, 2017, titled “NF-kB c-Rel Is Crucial for the Regulatory T Cell Immune Checkpoint in Cancer” they describe how blocking c-Rel can reduce the regulatory function of Tregs.  In addition, Li, et al published in Nature Cancer, May 18, 2020, an article titled “c-Rel is a Myeloid Checkpoint for Cancer Immunotherapy” which discusses MDSC.

Side Effects of Immunotherapy

Side Effects of Immunotherapy

When it comes to managing the side effects of immunotherapy it is important to be very detailed with observing the symptoms as they can be autoimmune related. With any side effect, if it starts to escalate into something more severe, it is important for the patient to notify the doctor immediately. Below are a couple of the most common side effects or autoimmune-related events experienced by patients who undergo immune checkpoint therapy:

-Skin rash, itching
-Dry mouth

World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day has arrived and Williams Cancer Institute would like to thank each and every patient who has entrusted their health with our clinic and treatments. Williams Cancer Institute aims to help create a cancer-free world. Our team has been passionately working on developing continuous medical research to eradicate cancer. We value the courage and strength every cancer patient has, and we honor your resilience.

Immunotherapy for Cancer

Immunotherapy for Cancer

Immune response in cancer treatments has been studied for over decades and to this day continues to be closely researched in an attempt to provide a less invasive treatment for patients. Thanks to medical research, patients and physicians have access to seventeen immunotherapy FDA approved treatments. This ongoing mission is one of great value and in today’s blog we will be exploring more interesting details about the immune system and cancer.