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How Does Breast Cancer Cryoablation Work

Cryoablation for Breast Cancer

Cancer is a frightening word for anyone to hear. When it comes to breast cancer, many women feel an especially strong fear. Fortunately, treatments are improving every day and there are now a variety of treatment options available. One such option is Breast Cancer Cryoablation. This article will discuss what Cryoablation is, the benefits of this treatment method, and how it may be right for you.
Cryoablation is a surgical procedure that uses extreme cold to destroy breast cancer cells. This minimally invasive treatment is an alternative to traditional surgery for women with early-stage breast cancer. Cryoablation can be used to treat tumors that are too small to remove with traditional surgery or when traditional surgery is not possible.

Immunotherapy for Cancer

Immunotherapy for Cancer

Immune response in cancer treatments has been studied for over decades and to this day continues to be closely researched in an attempt to provide a less invasive treatment for patients. Thanks to medical research, patients and physicians have access to seventeen immunotherapy FDA approved treatments. This ongoing mission is one of great value and in today’s blog we will be exploring more interesting details about the immune system and cancer.