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OX40 Cancer Immunotherapy: What is it and Why is it Important?

OX40 immunotherapy is a new agent that shows tremendous promise in advanced cancer treatment. It is considered an immune co-stimulator or T cell co-stimulation. Essentially, it stimulates the immune system to fight tumors and cancer cells in the body.

When immunotherapy is combined with other cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy, patients are more likely to experience better outcomes. However, no two agents work the same for every patient, so it is essential to discuss with your oncologist if OX40 or another agent is the best option for your treatment. 


How Does OX40 Work?

Studies are now showing how agents such as OX40 can be injected directly into tumors. OX40 immunotherapy stimulates the immune system to fight against aggressive tumors. According to these studies, it is unnecessary to inject every tumor as the immune system responds to other cancer cells in the body once injected. It is, however, most important to inject the therapy at the primary tumor. Once these cells are “trained” to respond to fight the tumor, they can then respond to other cancer cells in the body.


What Do I Need to Know About CD40 cancer immunotherapy? 

CD40 is a member of the TNF (tumor necrosis factor) family. It is also an agent that activates the immune system to attack tumors. 

When combined with chemotherapy, CD40 cancer immunotherapy has shown promising results. It has demonstrated success in treating many types of cancer, including pancreatic cancer, melanomas, and mesothelioma. 

CD40 essentially helps activate cells that fight the tumor and make the tumor more responsive to chemotherapy agents. The agent activates cells called macrophages that enhance the delivery of chemotherapy to cancer cells. 


What are the limitations of OX40 Agonists and Other Immunotherapy Agents? 

There are limitations to OX40 and other cancer immunotherapy agents. Sometimes the body does not respond to fight the tumors. Some people respond better to specific agents compared to other people who receive the treatment. Research continues in this area as to what factors affect treatment response. 

There have been advancements in administering these therapies. Studies indicate injecting the agents directly into tumors through radiofrequency ablation fights cancer cells more effectively than intravenous injection alone. 

Furthermore, using cryoablation techniques, combined with the injection of agents such as ox40 and cd40 immunotherapy, seem to lead to better outcomes. Such outcomes appear to be somehow linked to the application of both treatment methods in tandem.


OX40 cancer immunotherapy – Why are Immunotherapy Agents Important? 

Agents such as OX40 and CD40 are very promising advanced cancer treatment options. In combination with other treatments, such as chemotherapy, they show success in treating tumors with decreased side effects. 

With an estimated 1.8 million Americans being diagnosed with cancer in 2020, the emergence of promising new treatment options, such as OX40 cancer immunotherapy, gives hope to patients and their families.

How Williams Cancer Institute Can Help 

Dr. Jason Williams combines his interventional radiology expertise with his knowledge of cancer, immunology, and immunotherapy. If you require advanced cancer treatment, Williams Cancer Institute can help. 

We have experience in radiofrequency ablation, Immuno-therapy agents, and chemotherapy options. Contact us for help in finding the right immunotherapy option for you. You can also schedule an appointment with our oncologist. 





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