It is evident the change in the diet of both adults and children, most of whom are of school age, becoming a major public health problem. Although obesity can also be generated by genetics, it is mostly generated due to poor nutrition.

It has been possible to identify a relationship between obesity and cancer because everything starts with food. Digestive problems occur due to bad eating habits and most of the tumors that appear in organs such as the pancreas, stomach and breast are the result of poor nutrition. There is a paradox in medicine, obesity has a positive point when a person has cancer, since they would have more source of caloric reserves to fight this disease in case it appears.

Looking for a solution to the problem that most people have, nowadays, there is much talk about intermittent fasting and its many benefits for humans, especially in cancer patients. It has been proven that not only with intermittent fasting a caloric deficit is achieved, therefore a loss of weight, but it has also been seen that a change in the composition of the cell membrane is achieved since insulin is a regulatory entity of many metabolic processes as well as being associated with aging. All this happens because if the person has insulin deficiency, the cells also have it. All these benefits of intermittent fasting are not only evident in people with cancer but also in healthy people, it is said that an organism manages to live longer when it performs periods of fasting because it does not keep its insulin in constant movement, that is, the organism does not suffer from insulin spikes.

Reference: KOSMOS-CIENCIA,Nutrición, obesidad y cáncer: genes que favorecen la delgadez y el ayuno como apoyo en tratamiento oncológico, 2022. 28th November, https://www.eitb.eus/es/divulgacion/detalle/9029464/nutricion-obesidad-y-cancer-genes-que-favorecen-delgadez-y-ayuno-como-apoyo-en-tratamiento-oncologico/

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