Intratumoral Immunotherapy, new cancer treatment immunotherapy


My goal is to use the most advanced therapies, innovating ways to treat cancer in a more effective, less invasive manner. We all need to look beyond traditional approaches into uncharted territories,” says  Dr. Jason R. Williams of the Williams Cancer Institute. “We are closer than ever to finding a cure for cancer, and while there is further to go before this deadly disease is fully eradicated, with this book we bring about the beginning of the end. The immunotherapy revolution has begun.

Cancer diagnosis

If you are reading about intratumoral immunotherapy on our websites, it’s probably because you or someone you love has cancer. You are hoping to learn about the exciting breakthroughs in immunotherapy treatment. 

To be diagnosed with cancer can be devastating, not only because of the nature of the disease itself, but also because conventional treatments can be excruciating, debilitating, and may not even work. Through surgery, toxic chemotherapy, and radiation, the aggressive efforts to eliminate any traces of cancer have often left patients with bodies as ravaged by the treatment as the disease itself.

The good news is that recent scientific advancements in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer have led to amazing discoveries in our understanding of how to treat it and, in many cases, eliminate any trace of cancer cells from the patient’s body.

Intratumoral Immunotherapy, new cancer treatment

New type of cancer treatment – Intratumoral Immunotherapy

One of the most advanced treatments used at the Williams Cancer Institute is Intratumoral Immunotherapy. Its revolutionary approach considers the tumor as the remedy. 

In simple words, intra-tumoral immunotherapy means injecting sophisticated anti-cancer immuno-antibodies (the subject of Nobel Prize in Medicine for 2018), into tumor deposits that have just been ablated by freezing (image-guided cryoablation) or heating.

Injecting these antibodies directly into tumors (local treatment), rather than intravenously (systemic treatment), as they are conventionally given, have dramatically increased the response rate and reduced the adverse side effects, as well as requiring much smaller quantities of these expensive cancer medications.

This revolutionary therapy opens the doors to the successful treatment of a far broader spectrum of cancer patients than are currently benefited by the new immunotherapies. We now have the cure for cancer within our sights. Immunotherapy is rapidly reaching the mainstream as a viable cancer treatment. 

10 most important facts about Intratumoral Immunotherapy

  1. Cancer can be cured by your own immune system. It just needs a little help.
  2. Your immune system is designed to work by targeting and eliminating cancer before it takes hold in the body.
  3. Optimizing your body’s immune system offers the best hope for preventing and treating cancer.
  4. Intra-tumoral immunotherapy acts like a potent cancer “vaccine” and proves that the cure for cancer is already within you.
  5. Ablation eliminates cancer within the tumor. Any remaining, non-viable cells stimulate your immune response.
  6. Dr. Williams not only uses natural products and “off-label” drugs to support cancer immunotherapy, but also applies his philosophy of the crucial roles that diet, lifestyle, and stress management play in fueling and maintaining an effective response against cancer.
  7. For immunotherapy to be more effective, combinations are necessary. The proposed approach to intra-tumorous immunotherapy is set to solve these problems and proves to be a more cost-effective and safe treatment option for patients.
  8. Patients already receiving intravenous immunotherapy may benefit by adding intratumoral immunotherapy to enhance their treatment.
  9. New experimental agents, such as an OX40 agonist, combined with CpG (called the Stanford cancer vaccine) have been very promising. This combination, injected into the tumor, shows the outstanding success of treating directly at a tumor site.
  10. You can expect a three to five times greater increase in cancer survival by adding ablation to immunotherapy rather than immunotherapy alone!

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Dr. Jason Williams’ approach combines interventional radiology expertise with a high level of knowledge about the science of immunology, cancer, and cancer immunotherapy.

If you are looking for the most advanced and efficient form of cancer treatment, look no further. Intratumoral Immunotherapy is your answer.  

If you or a loved one have any more questions or need information about this new cancer treatment, immunotherapy for cancer, OX40 cancer immunotherapy, or cd40 cancer immunotherapy, give us a call at Williams Cancer Institute. 

Learn more about immunotherapy from this short video by Dr. Williams:

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