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Intratumoral immunotherapy with Pulsed Electrical Field (PEF)

Intratumoral immunotherapy with Pulsed Electrical Field (PEF) is an emerging approach to cancer treatment that combines the benefits of immunotherapy and PEF technology. This technique involves the local administration of immunotherapeutic agents, such as checkpoint inhibitors or cytokines, into a tumor followed by the application of PEF to enhance their effectiveness PEF technology can increase the uptake and activation of immunotherapeutic agents by tumor cells, leading to a stronger immune response against cancer. PEF also has a direct cytotoxic effect on cancer cells, which can further enhance the effectiveness of immunotherapy.

Intratumoral immunotherapy with PEF has shown promising results in preclinical studies and early clinical trials, particularly in the treatment of solid tumors. This approach has the potential to overcome the limitations of systemic immunotherapy, such as poor tumor penetration and off-target effects, by delivering the treatment directly to the tumor site.

Overall, intratumoral immunotherapy with PEF represents a novel and promising approach
to cancer treatment that warrants further investigation in clinical trials.
Reference: Richard E. Fine, R. M. (July de 2021). Cryoablation plus Intratumoral Immunotherapy of Breast Cancer: A Promising Treatment Approach. Annals of Breast Cancer Research. doi:10.1186/s41231-021-00108-x

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