How The Immune System Is Designed To Work To Target And Eliminate Cancer

How The Immune System Is Designed To Work To Target And Eliminate Cancer Before It Takes Hold In The Body, And What Can Cause The Immune System To Become Compromised, Thwarting This Process

Our bodies have their innate ability to heal on their own, given the right environment, and removing the body from harmful substances. The immune system has its regulatory cells, which help with overall body regulation and protecting the body’s immune system to attack itself. The immune system is a powerful way to combat many diseases and illnesses, however, cancer can be more intelligent in overtaking the body. If the immune system were to attack the body then it would cause autoimmune disease. You may be wondering how this relates to cancer?

Well, the situation gets complicated when the immune system gets tricked by cancer. Because cancer can grow out of healthy cells, the immune system fails in recognizing that it’s actually a cancerous cell rather than a true healthy cell. When this occurs, the body will enter into a state of unbalance. 

Thankfully, our body contains these specialized immune cells called “T Cells”, which can help determine whether something attacking the body is dangerous. This can be thought of as the immune system’s “soldiers” that are ready to protect and prepare the body for foreign invaders. Along with T cells are regulatory immune cells which can, unfortunately, become tricked by cancer in thinking it’s a natural process in the body and rather than attacking it as if were a foreign invader, it will protect it and allow it to harvest and survive. 

In spite of the body’s ability to protect itself from dangerous pathogens and diseases, cancer is quite complex in that it can override the immune system. Given the advances in cancer research, physicians like Dr. Williams and others have dedicated many years to finding a solution for this challenge. The goal is to use immunotherapy in an attempt to override the regulatory system in conjunction with maintaining a strong immune system. 

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