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Yoga is more than an exercise, it is a therapy that favors many health factors; for example, it improves joints and gently mobilizes tissues. Yoga is a form of passive exercise without any kind of stress, on the contrary, it is a moderate and relaxed type of exercise. 

At any time in our lives, tranquility and harmony can be hindered by a disease as difficult as cancer. Many people find yoga a way to bear with this disease. By practicing these exercises, the patient can achieve tranquility and inner peace. Likewise, mobility and muscles are improved. 

Patients who are undergoing some type of cancer oncologic treatment go through great moments of stress, which brings negative consequences for the body. One of these consequences can be emotional and physical imbalance since stress causes lowered defenses that further aggravate the problem. 

One of the main characteristics of yoga is to soft tissues that have been subjected to oncologic surgery, likewise, knowing how to manage the breathing during the yoga exercise produces a balance in the autonomic nervous system, finding the peace and acceptance that is needed to deal with this disease.

The practice of yoga allows, in addition to many other benefits, to achieve empowerment in the situation with this disease, leading the patient to take control of the situation he is presenting. Yoga is an individual practice, but at the same time, it can be done by several people and in the same place to find the calm and balance that is needed to control emotions and make the situation more bearable.

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