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The brain requires the substances that make up the food we consume daily to function properly, due to the formation and restoration of brain tissue. The relationship between nutrition and brain function is crucial, as deficiencies can lead to aging and damage learning processes. Therefore, maintaining a healthy diet free of sugar and saturated fats is crucial for the proper functioning of our body.

Sugar is as addictive as saturated fats, which have been found to enter the intestine, causing the brain to react by increasing the desire to consume it, leading to obesity and metabolic disorders. The connection between the gut and the brain intensifies the mental craving for sugar, which promotes the proliferation and survival of cancer cells and alters the intestinal microbiota.

We must also consider that gut bacteria are important for regulating metabolism, appetite, and fat storage, so we must take care of them and avoid excessive consumption of highly processed foods rich in sugar and fats, such as processed meats like sausages or cheese. These foods are having a devastating impact on human health.

Moreover, it is important to consume fats as they are more natural and necessary for the proper functioning of the body. We cannot eliminate fat consumption, as this can be harmful to brain health. Previously, it was believed that fat consumption was bad, but this concept is outdated. In fact, without fat, we could not live, while without sugar we could. Fats help the brain, while trans fats do not. Trans fats are found in foods that have been subjected to hydrogenation at high temperatures, such as fast foods, industrial pastries, and other processed and fried products. This process serves to make the food last longer and preserve its taste, but it is a risk to human health, and of course, to the brain.

We can conclude that cancer has been increasing and can only be controlled if people adopt a healthy lifestyle and a change in their diet. 

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