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How and why optimizing your body’s immune system offers the best hope for preventing and treating Cancer?

Optimizing Immune system

How and why optimizing your body’s immune system offers the best hope for preventing and treating Cancer?

Many may be wondering how exactly the immune system and cancer are interrelated. It’s quite complex given that it has taken decades of countless scientific research in search of the cure. The goal is to break this cancer into its basic mechanisms to fully understand its totality and appreciate its processes. In general, the immune system works by fighting against any harmful substances such as bacteria, fungi, viruses, and cancer cells. Something important to note is that your own cells and immune system can and will betray you. 

It could be easier to think of our cells as a double-sided sword. Take for instance, antigen-presenting cells, specifically dendritic cells which act by collecting information and delivering it to the immune system. Whenever bad information is delivered it will cause the immune system to slow down, depleting the body’s overall vitality. As we can see, this dual-action a single cell can produce can either help or hurt the process. This is just one of the many examples that occur within the body with other cells. 

Thankfully, there are different forms of therapy such as cryoablation which works by attacking such cells which cause harm to the body. Adjuvants are another tool that serves the positive stimulation in immune response. They are substances that can be injected into and around the ablated tumor. But before jumping into these therapies, it’s recommended to strengthen the immune system in healthy ways to promote higher chances of immunotherapy to be effective in treating certain cancers. However, due to the complexity of the immune response and regulatory cells it contains for autoimmunity protection, it is crucial to understand that these cells act like a double-sided sword. On its dark side, regulatory cells can be attacked by cancer and will serve as anti-cancer immune response blockers. 

Overall, finding ways to optimize one’s immune system can be tedious in midst of so much chaos with busy work schedules, relationships, and currently dealing with a pandemic. Below is a compiled list of suggestions for boosting the immune system with the hope of preventing and/or curing cancer. 

  • Vitamin D (sun exposure or supplement in conjunction with Vit. K)
  • Vitamin C (through diet or supplement)
  • Minimum of 30 minutes of physical activity (can be a light jog, yoga, pilates, Zumba, weight lifting, etc)
  • Healthy balanced diet according to body constitution 
  • Consuming healthy fats such as fish oil or flaxseed oil to decrease inflammation 
  • Limiting sugar intake 
  • Receiving adequate sleep
  • Being outdoors in nature more often

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