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Hardly anyone, including doctors who perform this procedure

“Hardly anyone, including doctors who perform this procedure, realize that cryoablation can be used to generate a powerful immune response leading to one of the most successful cancer treatments that exist, particularly for patients with Stage III or IV cancer, where the options for treatment are most limited. Each year there are approximately 600,000 advanced cancers diagnosed in the U.S., which would otherwise be practically hopeless cases. But with this ablation technique, combined with immunotherapy, we now have the chance to save many of those lives. Moreover, patients with earlier stages of cancer who would otherwise suffer through toxic chemotherapy and radiation now have more effective choices of treatment with far fewer side effects. I like to call this combination therapy AblationVax™ because of how it optimizes the body’s immune system, similar to how vaccines do.
When I was in medical school and early residency and learned about the potential of this technique to treat cancer, I thought it was the most amazing thing I had heard and assumed word of this new strategy would spread quickly and all oncologists would jump on board. I recognized that the future of cancer treatment would be to target the tumor directly using minimally invasive techniques and image guidance, but I have since discovered that these ablation techniques have been slow to catch on. Even now, years later, the techniques are vastly under-utilized.
It is for these reasons, I believe, that this procedure may not take off until the oncologists themselves learn to do it.”
Jason R Williams, MD DABR
Chief of Interventional Oncology
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