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Summing up the information mentioned in the previous blog, in addition to the properties that aspirin has, and that help complement cancer treatment, we can find other drugs that could increase the immunity necessary to help fight the cancer disease, one of these is known generically as Sitagliptin, was an effective treatment for diabetes.

Essentially this drug, Sitagliptin, inhibits an enzyme called dipeptidyl peptidase 4 (DIPP-4). DPP-4 inhibits gastrointestinal hormones that play a critical role in insulin release; therefore, Sitagliptin has been quite effective in controlling diabetes. DIPP-4 does not only contribute to the treatment of diabetes; however, it also helps tumors survive and grow. It is so effective in helping tumors grow, in fact, that the tumors themselves apparently increase the production of DIPP-4 as a protective mechanism—DIPP-4 is another line of defense for tumors. DIPP-4 breaks down and inactivates cytokines, substances that stimulate the immune system, and helps immune cells migrate to areas of inflammation, including tumors. So, when treating a cancer patient, it helps to raise cytokines and lower DIPP-4. Nowadays, this process has been simulated in the laboratory.

In a study conducted at the Pasteur Institute in France in 2015, the researcher Matthew Arnold and his team found that giving mice sitagliptin orally increased the cytokine CXCL10, which helped attract T-, NK, and dendritic cells. to the areas around the tumor, thereby inhibiting tumor growth. More importantly, sitagliptin inhibited the production of DIPP-4 and when combined with immune checkpoint blockers such as CTLA-4 and anti-PD-1 drugs, there was a complete cure in the animal model, i.e. For this reason, this medicine is on the list of medicines among others included in the immunotherapy treatment recommended by Dr. Jason Williams.


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