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Doctor Unveils Revolutionary Immunotherapy Treatment For Late-Stage Cancers

Dr Jason Williams

Immunotherapy Treatment For Cancer

[National Harbor, Maryland]: Dr. Jason R. Williams of the Williams Cancer Institute announced a revolutionary approach to intra-tumoral immunologic tumor elimination of advanced cancers, unveiled at the 34th annual conference of the Society For Immunotherapy Of Cancer. The conference seeks to provide improved cancer patient outcomes by advancing the science, development, and application of cancer immunology and immunotherapy across the medical field. Dr. Williams’s announcement is a major milestone for the Williams Cancer Institute on its mission to further advance research in intratumoral immunotherapy and help cancer patients.

The recently unveiled revolutionary approach allows for a greater combination of immunotherapy by directly injecting into the tumor, and has shown astounding results in a trial involving a stage-4 breast cancer patient with liver and single brain metastasis.

According to the presentation – a CT-guided injection was performed on the metastasis, containing a combination of immunotherapy agents suspended in Montanide ISA51. After the procedure, the team conducted a CT scan that according to Dr. Williams “demonstrated a complete resolution of liver masses.” A follow-up scan performed 9 months after the therapy showed additional results with the MRI showing no evidence of brain lesions.

The study, presented alongside the revolutionary approach suggests that immunotherapy placed directly into the tumor microenvironment is expected to activate the immune system locally and create an abscopal effect that can result in the complete elimination of cancer. This is attributed to harnessing the potential of the immune system to recognize and destroy malignant cells which would otherwise harbor tumor antigens. Dr. Williams went on to suggest that this groundbreaking approach could revolutionize the treatment procedures and expected outcomes for challenging late-stage cases.

“Patients with stage 4 cancer have been traditionally deemed incurable, regardless of the origin of the primary lesion. A complete recovery is a rare exception rather than the rule, due to disseminated cancer’s remarkable resilience to modern conventional treatment options,” says Dr. Jason R. Williams, Director of Interventional Oncology and Immunotherapy at the Williams Cancer Institute. “When you have cancer, you don’t have time to wait for today’s scientific advances to become standard treatment years from now, you need those today. At Williams Cancer Institute, we strive to bring you the treatments of the future, today.”

This news comes in the wake of many recent initiatives and accomplishments, including:

  • Winning the 2019 Vince Lombardi Cancer Foundation “Leaders For A Cure” award.
  • Dr. Jason R. Williams publishing the best-selling “The Immunotherapy Revolution” title.
  • Performing the first intratumoral OX40/CpG agonist procedure on a human in 2018.

While immunotherapy in itself is not a new or ground-breaking approach to cancer treatment, according to the presentation, it is a much safer, cost-efficient and in some cases effective approach by comparison to approach. It was noted that such a conventional systematic and aggressive treatment of cancer has been shown to leave the patient’s body in a weakened, susceptible state, open to contracting other diseases or relapses. “Most of the medical field refuses to acknowledge the major problems with the way they treat cancer,” remarked Dr. Williams.

The presentation also noted that it is well known that for immunotherapy to be more effective, combinations will be necessary. However, these combinations, when given systemically, could result in significant autoimmune issues and some traditionally used agents may not be appropriate for systemic use. The proposed approach to intra-tumorous immunotherapy is set to solve these problems and may prove to be a more cost-effective and safe treatment option for patients.

In the presented study, the approach applied to the case of a patient suffering from stage-4 breast cancer with liver and single brain metastasis was shown to have resolved the liver metastases and astoundingly, brain metastases, as well.

“I believe that this strongly supports the need for further research in the area of intratumoral immunotherapy” concluded Dr. Williams in an interview set after the presentation.

To learn more about the revolutionary immunotherapy treatment for late-stage cancers alongside Dr. Williams’s research and practice, visit: Immunotherapy Procedures.

About Williams Cancer Institute: The Williams Cancer Institute is focused on advancing the use of intratumoral immunotherapy and helping late-stage cancer patients find a safer, less painful and more effective approach to treating cancer. With two operating facilities – an imaging centre in Atlanta, GA and a full-service hospital in Mexico City, Mexico the Williams Cancer Institute provides both in-patient and out-patient procedures and services for an international patient-base. Founded by Dr. Jason R. Williams, the institute has been a leading force at the forefront of development, research and applicational standardization of immunotherapy cancer treatment.

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