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It has been possible to demonstrate, through studies, the type of bacteria that are linked to depression. This advance will probably be of great help for the treatment of this disease.

Hence, some microorganisms that live in the colon produce essential molecules for proper brain function. Researchers from underdeveloped countries have managed to investigate different groups of bacteria, these bacteria are linked in the synthesis of chemical molecules and neurotransmitters that perform important work in the development of mental disorders such as serotonin and glutamate. In the same way, it has been possible to identify that the microbiota is composed and related to different levels of depressive symptoms.

The treatments that exist for the management of depression are not always effective, finding the reason why a person comes to suffer from this disease is still a challenge for science. Moreover, once the origin of this disease is understood, the symptoms presented by patients with depressive syndrome could be prevented and minimized. This is how bacterial microorganisms that cause many diseases including depression are found in the intestine.

Finally, there are studies that seem to have found a relationship between a lack of two intestinal bacteria called coprococcus and dialister, and people suffering from depression. However, we cannot be sure that a lack of these bacteria is necessarily the cause of your depression.

Reference: Confirman el vínculo entre las bacterias intestinales y la depresión, https://microbioblog.es/se-confirma-la-relacion-entre-la-depresion-y-las-bacteriasintestinales#:~:text=Varios%20estudios%20demuestran%20que%20la,la%20causa%20de%20la%20depresi%C3%B3n.

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