Cancer Research (1)

A new approach to breast cancer may prevent cancer from reappearing years later.

They got all of it are the reassuring words people hope to hear following cancer surgery, but a growing understanding of the science of how cancer spreads, and metastasizes, is suggesting that not only is this almost never true but and here is the surprising part it might be better to try to contain the cancer than to eliminate it.

Dr Jason Williams 3 (1)

Thank you for joining us for the 2nd annual Leaders For A Cure Luncheon. You have made this event a truly remarkable one as we come together to recognize the advancements in innovative cancer care and research throughout the Atlanta community.

Winning the battle against cancer is a team effort and we’re lucky to have you helping to lead the fight! We continue to be inspired by people like you and are more determined than ever to prevent cancer, provide the best care and treatment for patients and fund research to find a cure.

On behalf of the Vince Lombardi Cancer Foundation, we are grateful for your support and continued efforts in the fight against cancer!

Immune-Stimulating Injection

Injecting small amounts of two immune-stimulating agents into tumors in mice has shown to be able to eliminate the tumor, other untreated metastases and all traces of the same cancer according to a study by researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine.