prostate cancer signs

Prostate Cancer Symptoms May Be Nonexistent. You might be surprised to find out that early signs of prostate cancer may not occur at all. You might feel as healthy as you did ten years ago and be having one of the best times in your life and then the diagnosis shows up. In fact, only when the cancer has progressed do the urinary symptoms begin to show up.

Because the prostate cancer symptoms could be so unobtrusive on your life, how would you know if you have cancer of the prostate? The prostate cancer signs include:

It’s difficult to start urinating, even though you know you have to go
When you urinate, it comes out in an interrupted fashion, not like a fire hose type of flow

foods that fight cancer

It’s not an uncommon thought to be deeply afraid of getting cancer. More than 1.25 million new cases of invasive cancer are diagnosed each year while an additional of 1.5 million cases of noninvasive cancers will be diagnosed. Heartbreakingly, more than 500,000 people will die from cancer each year.

To fully understand how to support the body and prevent cancer, we’ll begin by looking at the connection between cells and cancer. Your body contains trillions of cells and within each cell is a central core called the nucleus. Inside the nucleus lies the key to life, deoxyribonucleic acid, better known as DNA. Our DNA contains the instructions that each cell needs to make its vital proteins and replicate itself.