Immunotherapy for Cancer

It may be surprising how many people disregard the gut, especially when it comes to understanding how the immune system functions. But in today’s blog, you will have a better insight on why it’s important to take care of the gut flora and which bacteria specifically are essential components for the function of immunotherapy.

The gut plays a major role in the immune system, and here’s why.

To appreciate the role of the intestinal flora, it’s crucial to take in the complexity of how the digestive system functions and the benefits of certain bacteria and yeasts that aid in the digestive process. Having the appropriate bacteria and amount in the intestines is critical for the function of today’s current immune checkpoint inhibitors. This means that utilizing the powerful immunotherapy drugs while having a well-balanced and healthy digestive system will be immensely beneficial for the overall cancer treatment.

Breast Cancer Treatment

In this short video, Dr. Williams holds a conversation with one of our current patients Nevena Doric, who has entrusted her health to the hands of Dr. Williams. He explains his reasoning as to why Immunotherapy treatments have been healing many cancer patients.