Breast Cancer Survivor

Our patient Nevena Doric is a living example of resilience, strength, and hope. Fighting for her life every single day for the past four years, breast cancer along with chemotherapy and radiation was depleting her but she was still hopeful that there was another way to fight against this battle. Thankfully, she was guided towards Dr. Williams, who was able to deliver a better lifestyle for her and her family while helping her regain that inner strength that she has.

immune system to fight cancer

Our bodies have their innate ability to heal on their own, given the right environment, and removing the body from harmful substances. The immune system has its regulatory cells, which help with overall body regulation and protecting the body’s immune system to attack itself. The immune system is a powerful way to combat many diseases and illnesses, however, cancer can be more intelligent in overtaking the body. If the immune system were to attack the body then it would cause autoimmune disease. You may be wondering how this relates to cancer?
Well, the situation gets complicated when the immune system gets tricked by cancer. Because cancer can grow out of healthy cells, the immune system fails in recognizing that it’s actually a cancerous cell rather than a true healthy cell. When this occurs, the body will enter into a state of unbalance.