Williams Cancer Institute

Immunotherapy vs Chemotherapy

When it comes to breaking down the differences between two cancer treatments and choosing
which is best, the ultimate goal is to take into consideration the individual factors and
circumstances each patient has. Each treatment will have its unique side effects and
considerations. We’ve simplified a couple of differences amongst both chemotherapy and
immunotherapy to help you better compare both treatments.

● Depletes the body’s immune system
● Decreases white blood cells count
● Causes drastic hair loss
● Causes nausea and vomiting
● Causes chemo brain (disruption in focus and concentration)
● Can be combined with immunotherapy
● Low metronomic dosing is an option
● Reduces tumor burden, making it easier for the immune system to fight

● May increase certain autoimmune diseases
● Can cause autoimmune pneumonitis
● Hormone imbalance may occur
● Cytokine Release Syndrome (CRS)
● Less invasive than chemotherapy
● When used in combination with other cancer treatments has been shown to improve the
overall treatment process
● Fewer side effects compared to chemotherapy

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