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It is important to know that immunotherapy is a treatment that helps the immune system detect or recognize cancer cells in the body and destroy them.

It is known that melanoma or skin cancer is caused by high exposure to the sun’s rays or UV radiation such as tanning beds, or also to genetic changes in DNA.

Melanoma is the most aggressive and dangerous type of cancer that exists.

However, fortunately there is a method that helps people with this type of cancer, especially patients who present this disease in its most advanced form, that is, in phases 3 and 4, but at the same time it is still possible to achieve an effective treatment using immunotherapies even before any type of surgery to help remove the tumor itself.

It has been detected that immunotherapy in patients with melanoma can be enormously beneficial since the immune system attacks cancer cells not only in the initial tumor but also in other parts of the body where it has spread.

Studies have shown that immunotherapy is more effective if it is done before surgery than after it. In the same way, it has been discovered that adjuvant therapies have become a fundamental part of immunotherapy treatments, whose main objective is to destroy all malignant cells that could not be eliminated by surgery and even those that could not be detected.

It is important to know that it is very favorable, for the patient with some type of melanoma, to start immunotherapy before surgery since there would be a better response from T cells. Moreover, these cells would be capable of recognizing and attacking the tumor before and after the surgery.

Reference: Instituto nacional del cancer, 9 de November de 2022, La inmunoterapia antes de la cirugía es eficaz contra el melanoma, https://www.cancer.gov/espanol/noticias/temas-y-relatos-blog/2022/melanoma-inmunoterapia-antes-cirugia

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