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There is much talk about the antimicrobial, antiviral and antitumor activity, the anticancer and immune activating properties of Coriolus Versicolor or turkey tail mushroom, these occur due to two extracts from the mycelium culture (thread-shaped extensions). These extracts are protein-bound polysaccharides known as Polysaccharides K (PSK) and Peptide Polysaccharides (PSP).

Turkey tail mushroom has been researched for its potential to stimulate immune system functions, so it is believed to be ideal for minimizing the risk of acquiring major illnesses, as well as if a person has experienced an illness such as cancer and it is found in a type of treatment for it such as immunotherapy, it is also highly recommended to improve the immune system.

Since ancient times it has been prepared in infusions and extracts as a complement to care for health, this fungus grows on organic bases such as the trunks of trees, from which it obtains its food, this fungus has a characteristic and it is because of its striking colors, which range from dark brown parts to blackish and green areas.

In traditional Chinese medicine, the turkey tail mushroom is considered a powerful immunomodulator due to its interesting nutritional composition. Supplements derived from this fungus are used as adjuvants against various chronic diseases, such as cancer.

It is a popular remedy with a long history in natural medicine. Its content in bioactive molecules has been valued to stimulate the functions of the immune system and protect the body against infectious processes and chronic diseases.

In recent studies, an oral dose of 3 grams has been established, with a duration range of between 28 days and 3 years, just as Coriolus Versicolor extracts can be taken as an infusion, capsules, or pills.

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