The newest and most advanced cancer treatments in the world are precision approaches to cancer treatment that target and attack the tumor directly.


Intratumoral Immunotherapy



Immunotherapy agents such as the immune checkpoint inhibitors Opdivo, Keytruda, Yervoy, and OX40 agonist have been a revolution in cancer treatment, but they still have significant limitations.

Studies have shown that injecting these agents directly into a tumor may allow for more combinations, better success, and fewer side effects than the typical intravenous administration. It is important to understand that this advanced cancer treatment is systemic, which means that it affects other tumors that are not directly injected. Therefore, it is not necessary to inject every tumor in cases where patients may have many. Also, patients already receiving intravenous immunotherapy may benefit by adding intratumoral immunotherapy to enhance their treatment.

In addition, new experimental agents, such as an OX40 agonist, combined with CpG (called the Stanford cancer vaccine) have created even more excitement. This combination, injected into the tumor, made worldwide news in early 2018. As an advanced cancer treatment, it has shown outstanding success with the idea of treating directly at a tumor site.

The studies indicate that treating one or two sites can result in a whole-body anti-cancer immune response. The idea is that training the immune system at the site where it actually encounters the cancer is the most important. These trained immune cells can then attack cancer cells throughout the body.


Cryoablation combined with Injection of Immunotherapy



Studies have shown that using image-guided Cryoablation, a technique where a needle is placed into a tumor, then frozen, can enhance an anti-cancer immune response even in distant tumors. Further studies indicate that using this technique, combined with the injection of immunotherapy agents into the ablation and tumor site, can significantly enhance the effectiveness of the immune response, far more than just the medications or Cryoablation alone.


Intravenous Immunotherapy combined with Intratumoral Injection of Immunotherapy



We offer unique combinations of immunotherapy that are enhanced with intratumoral injection and off label immune augmenting medications. In addition, if you are already receiving immunotherapy or even chemotherapy, we can work with you and your doctor by adding an image-guided injection of immunotherapy to boost your current treatment.


Breast Cancer Cryoablation



One of the advanced cancer treatment options for breast cancer is a minimally invasive procedure that can be essentially “scarless.” Moreover, techniques such as vaccine adjuvants can be used to enhance the anti-cancer immune response of the Cryoablation procedure. We use techniques to minimize the spread and recurrence of cancer, such as the injection of NSAIDS (Ketorolac) directly into the tumor site when we perform ablations or biopsies.


Cryoablation in a nutshell



Cryoablation is the placement of a needle into the tumor, freezing the tissue to destroy it. Typically this is for limited disease, but when combined with immunotherapy it can be helpful even in advanced cancers. This is because Cryoablation releases dead pieces of tumors that can be detected by the immune system, combined with immunotherapy; this functions like a cancer vaccine. Watch the video here for an explanation.


What is Cryoablation?

Delivers larger amounts of medication to the tumor with a lower dosage to you.


Breast Cryoablation

A less-invasive advantage for treating breast cancer.


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