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A Cancer Treatment Advantage with Ablation Therapy

Cancer Treatment Advantage

A Cancer Treatment Advantage with Ablation Therapy

Feeling confused and uninformed about cancer treatment is understandable. It’s our desire to help eliminate the confusion and inform you about effective treatment solutions, including cancer ablation.

On that subject, you might have heard about ablation therapy. If you have, you’re at an advantage.

Ablation therapy 101

Basically, cancer ablation uses heat or cold to eliminate (ablate) cancer tumors. The upside is that the procedure works without more invasive surgery.

Ablation therapy targets your tumor directly. Special probes guide the treatment with precision to your tumor with the assistance of imaging technology.

You will experience minimal pain and discomfort throughout your treatment. And your recovery time will be be much less than that following surgery or radiation treatment.

You will probably be able to have your treatment without hospitalization. Ablation therapy can also be used along with other chosen cancer treatments.

Ablation by name


This non-invasive ablation therapy actually freezes the tumor. Cancerous tissue is destroyed (ablated) by lowering the tumor’s internal temperature to below freezing.

Cryotherapy is effective for treating prostate cancer and kidney cancers. Get fully informed about the use of cryoablation prior to treating your specific type of cancer.

Radiofrequency ablation (RFA)

Radio waves are guided directly into the tumor. The tissue is heated until it is ablated (destroyed).

RFA is successful with small, localized tumors. It’s used to treat a variety of cancers such as

  • Bone cancer RFA can reduce cancer pain associated with its spread to other areas.
  • Liver cancer RFA can be combined with targeted chemotherapy to treat various liver cancers.
  • Lung cancer and kidney cancer these can be effectively treated with radio frequency ablation also.

Why choose ablation therapy for cancer?

Let’s recap the benefits:

  • Available without surgery in most cases and can be used if surgery isn’t an option.
  • Provides pain relief and reduce blockages
  • Requires less hospitalization and recovery time compared to cancer surgery
  • Can be repeated if you happen to develop new tumors
  • Is able to be combined with other cancer treatments

Contact us about cancer treatment solutions including ablation therapy. Schedule a consultation to be informed about your non-surgical cancer treatment options.

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