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The most advanced treatment is now within our sights.

Less invasive, most advanced, effective, humane and aesthetic treatment for cancer

We provide the immune system with the most effective tools

We work with a specialized needle guided by diagnostic imaging means, which allows us to reach the tumor directly without generating incisions, scars or burns on the patient’s body, in this way, reducing the risk of bleeding and infection and drastically improving the aesthetics of the treatment.

During our intratumoral immunotherapy, cryoablation and Galvanize Aliya pulsed electric field ablation therapies. In this way, we offer the patient greater satisfaction in optimal results in recovery after their procedure and emotional and physical stability.

That is why at Williams Cancer Institute we provide the immune system with the most effective tools, which are capable of identifying cancer in order to attack it directly, creating an immune response to attack other types of tumors that have not been intervened.


Cancer Types

Your Body’s Unique Cancer Fighting Solution with Immunotherapy. Image-guided cancer ablation targets the tumor from within it. PEF destroys tumors with a nanosecond electrical pulse that causes an immune response. 

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Mission Statement

Our Mission

WCI’s mission is to make this planet a better place by eliminating and reducing the suffering and harm caused by this terrible disease of cancer.

Dr. Williams dream as a child is to rid the world of this disease that he watched take his beloved grandmother and his grandfather before he could get a chance to meet him. For this reason, he wishes that nobody suffer this disease and that developing prevention, treatment and a cure will make the world a better place.

WCI and Dr. Williams have a mission as a service to help others. In turn we want these people that we help to go on and do go things for the world, also in service to others. We take priority in helping people who have much still to offer the world, making it a better place.

One day, hopefully these advanced treatments will be available to all. Currently as resources to treat patients is more limited, we must do our best to help select those patients we can help best and in turn those people will be helpful to the world. Please review our application process to become a patient. It is most helpful for us to understand your future mission for the planet and also also medical information about your condition, to determine if we may be able to help you.

Number 1

First In Procedures


Breast ablation


First in human, combination intratumoral Yervoy/Opdivo with tumor ablation


First in human, intra-arterial infusion into liver tumors, a combination Yervoy/Opdivo


Combination ablation intratumoral IL2, Interferon


First in human, intratumoral combination Yervoy/Opdivo/CpG/PV-10


First in human, intratumoral OX40/CpG agonist

Our efforts to fight cancer has led us to where we are now and has opened the chance to treat as many patients as we can.

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What Patients Say

Read positive experiences of people who consulted our service before, and you will be more confident & courageous to approach our service without hesitation.