At Williams Cancer Institute all our treatments are minimally invasive and highly technological. We work with a specialized needle guided by diagnostic imaging means, which allows us to reach the tumor directly without generating large cuts, scars or burns on the patient’s body, in this way, reducing the risk of bleeding and infection and drastically improving the aesthetics of the treatment. during our intratatumoral immunotherapy, cryoablation and Galvanize Aliya pulsed electric field ablation therapies.


Jason R. Williams is a medical doctor, board-certified radiologist, image-guided cancer specialist, researcher, and professor. He is one of the pioneers of immunotherapy, specializing in intra-tumoral interventions. He performed the world’s first ablation procedure and implemented an intra-tumoral injection of a specific combination of immunotherapy agents, thus leveraging the actual process of ablation as an immunotherapy agent itself. Since then, he has performed thousands of procedures many of them “first in human” in multiple areas of ablation and cryoablation therapies.

Dr. Williams is the Director of Interventional Oncology and Immunotherapy at the Williams Cancer Institute, where he has been advancing the use of intra-tumoral immunotherapy. He is also an adjunct professor at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, where he is helping to further cutting-edge research. In addition, he is actively involved in private research combining numerous different immunotherapy agents for image-guided intra-tumoral injection covering almost all cancer types. He and his wife, Stefanya Williams live between Fort Lauderdale and Mexico City. To learn more about Dr. Williams and his clinic, visit www.WilliamsCancerInstitute.com.


Interview with Jack Canfield and Dr. Jason Russel Williams.

The Immunotherapy Revolution

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Intratumoral Immunotherapy Plus Chemotherapy:

This patient was diagnosed with a diffuse B Cell lymphoma affecting the face and neck. She was treated with a combination of an ultra low dose chemotherapy combined with immunotherapy injected directly into a tumor. The treatment requires multiple sessions. She also had a response in areas that we’re not directly treated, owing to the immunotherapy effect.
Her story continues and as she finishes her treatments, we will demonstrate her final results.

In today’s video with Dr. Williams, we have our patient Tracy who is being treated with immunotherapy and ablation for breast cancer. She and Dr. Williams partook in a wonderful conversation about the function of ablation and how this procedure was the right choice for Tracy. We are pleased to share with you this video filled with valuable information on alternative cancer treatments with immunotherapy.

Did you know that breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in women? It is known that most breast cancer affects women 50 years and older but can affect younger women. October is breast cancer month and at Williams Cancer Institute we are proud to be one of the few clinics to offer immunotherapy for breast cancer treatments. To anyone battling breast cancer, we stand with you in this fight, and to all who have recovered, we invite you to continue to spread awareness.

– Chris C

So very grateful for the outstanding care I received from Dr. Williams and your entire team.    I am so hopeful that God will use the treatments I received to heal me from cancer.   Thank you!!!


“Oh my, what do you say when your life has been given yet another chance!!
When I first met Dr.Williams, I watched him do the newest procedure of that day. I was completely and absolutely awed.
He later asked me what I thought!
I told him I felt like I had just seen one of my grandchildren born.
I asked him if I could have the needle he had used in the procedure. It looked like a big knitting needle with a surprise on the end.
That needle has followed me now, for almost 20 years. It has set on my desk all these years! I knew it represented greatness.
I also told him at that time, some day- this young man- just out of residency might one day save my life.
That day came last week.
The needle I have so carefully kept track of,is WAY out of date.
Dr. Jason Williams with the heart of a pioneer, facing huge odds,never gave up.
Humble to the core,desiring one thing a cure for cancer.
I fully believe in his lifetime he shall see the evidence of what he hopes for.
Dr. Jason and your precious wife, I need a newer needle to put on my desk for another 20 years.”


” I had a wonderful experience with The Williams Cancer Institute. The cryoablation and immunotherapy surgery was a breeze. They answered all my concerns and treated me with great support, kindness and patience. The staff took excellent care of me every step of the way. I now have no need for radiation, chemotherapy, years of tamoxafin, or plastic surgery. Thank you so much Dr. Williams and staff. I owe you my life and will be forever grateful! “