4 Benefits of Intratumoral Immunotherapy for Cancer Patients

4 Benefits of Intratumoral Immunotherapy for Cancer Patients

Author: Cheryl Heaton

Intratumoral immunotherapy is one of the most recent scientific advances for cancer treatments. This discovery has had some amazing results, including eliminating traces of cancer cells within the patient’s body.

This treatment is centered around the idea of using the tumor as the vaccine to fight against cancer. It entails directly injecting high concentrations of immunostimulatory products, coupled with a small amount of medication, into the tumor.

One study published in the journal The Oncologist has shown that the overall response rate of this treatment was 55 percent, in a treatment course done over 12 weeks. Those who underwent a second course had a 26% to 51% success rate.

Here are five benefits to intratumoral immunotherapy:

1. It allows the tumor to work against itself

As the term suggests, intratumoral means inside the tumor. Experts believe that the most effective way to cure the disease is to use what’s already there — the tumor cells.

Intratumoral immunotherapy works to optimize the cancer cells so that they can inhibit any tumor growth. At the same time, this therapy nudges the patient’s immune system so that it grows stronger to fight off cancer.

The body’s immune system has the ability to kill cells or stop the spread of pathogens (disease-causing microorganisms) in the cells and organs. The goal of this revolutionary cancer treatment is to turn tumors into pathogen-infected tissues to become mediators and stop the spread of cancer cells.

2. It has little side effects

Since this revolutionary cancer treatment makes use of what’s already there, there are potentially fewer side effects compared to other forms of cancer therapy. Treatment sessions become more bearable for cancer patients, most of whom develop an aversion to chemotherapy.

3. It brings fewer financial burdens

Treatment sessions are also fewer than other types of cancer treatment, cutting the costs. For many patients burdened by the expense, this treatment is more practical while giving the patient a high chance of defeating the disease.

4. It works well with other therapies

Some patients may still prefer to undergo radiation and chemotherapy treatments. The good news is that they can combine these with intratumoral immunotherapy, giving the patient more chance of remission.

In general, patients respond differently to different therapies. But a study has shown that combination treatments are safe, cost-efficient, and helpful to cancer patients, especially if they want a more targeted treatment plan.

At Williams Cancer Institute, we offer intratumoral immunotherapy, cryoablation, and radiofrequency ablation for cancer to get the best results for our patients. If you’re considering a combination treatment, we strongly encourage you to talk to our doctors about your options.

Learn more about intratumoral immunotherapy at Williams Cancer Institute

Dr. Jason Williams’ approach combines interventional radiology expertise with a high level of knowledge about the science of immunology, cancer, and cancer immunotherapy.

If you are looking for the most advanced and efficient form of cancer treatment, look no further. Our new and advanced cancer treatments, cryoablaton, intratumoral immunotherapy, and radiofrequency ablation for cancer has yielded very promising results.

If you or a loved one have any more questions or need information about this new cancer treatment, immunotherapy for cancer, OX40 cancer immunotherapy, or cd40 cancer immunotherapy, give us a call at Williams Cancer Institute.

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